On November 10, 2023, at the National Conference on ”Food Safety and Health” held at the Vietnam Academy of Agriculture, Associate Professor Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy, Faculty of Food Technology, Vietnam Academy of Agriculture represented the author group to present the presentation “Food safety culture and the role of universities” to nearly 100 delegates from state management agencies, universities, research institutes, associations in the field of agriculture, food, students, students.

Associate Professor Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy

The presentation showed that food safety culture has a cohesive role to create a clear effect on food safety. The presentation also gave a picture of the current situation of food safety culture in the world and Vietnam; as well as mentioning the new concept of a positive and proactive food safety culture. The speaker connected this concept with the development of a training program and training program for Undergraduate Food Safety and Quality Management for students.

This is the first time the concept of food safety culture has been raised from the perspective of the role of universities, after the National Workshop on Information, Communication and Food Safety Culture, organized by the SAFEGRO project last August in Da Lat.

Food safety culture reflects the common and relatively stable attitudes, values, and beliefs that are learned and shared. These contribute to the formation of hygienic behavior when handling food, whether at a facility, a workplace, a food establishment, or a home. They are also associated with good practices and personal hygiene. The awareness and attention of those involved in food processing is key to minimizing food insecurity problems. Therefore, food technology students, who in the future will become managers, businesses, and operate in the food field, will be one of the main factors spreading food safety culture.

Currently, SAFEGRO is building a food safety training program for universities according to international standards, in which food safety culture will be integrated into the modules of the curriculum.

With the funding from the Canadian goverment, the SAFEGRO project aims to involve various stakeholders such as Government agencies, the private sector, university, social organizations, NGOs and media in collaborating to address food safety issues in Vietnam and help Vietnamese products comply with food safety standards.