In August 2023, the SAFEGRO is carrying out a consumer survey in two major Vietnamese cities, Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh. The survey aims to measure the consumer’s knowledge, attitudes, and practices on food safety, with a focus on vegetable, pork, and seafood products. The survey findings will help determine consumer awareness and appreciation of food safety to guide future project engagement with consumers through more robust food safety culture communication.

The consumer survey employs both quantitative and qualitative methods. Questionnaires are designed to assess the knowledge, attitude, and practice of consumers, while semi-structured interviews such as focus group discussions and case studies are used to explore the reasons, barriers, and incentives for food safety behavior.

Some initial interviews in Bac Hong reveal diverse views of customers on food safety, such as their trust, affordability, and demand. They also prefer different types of information and channels to receive them.

The survey is carried out in cooperation with the national Institute of Nutrition, a research institution that studies and proposes measures for nutrition and health for Viet Nam. SAFEGRO aims to share the findings of the survey this year and collaborate with relevant partners to promote food safety and food safety culture in Vietnam for sustainable development.

SAFEGRO funded by the Canadian government of CAD 15.0 million is being implemented by Alinea International in collaboration with the University of Guelph in the two largest residential areas of Vietnam, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, in 5 years 2021-2025. SAFEGRO works towards the goal that consumers in Vietnam can consume food with guaranteed quality and safety following international standards at affordable prices.