Project Staff

I Full time Full timeFull time
1 Do Thanh Lam Project director
2 Phan Thi Phuong Thao Project manager
3 Ta Thi Khanh Van FS Technical Coordinator
4 Nguyen Thi Phuong Dung Communication Officer
5 Pham Quoc Hoan Interpreter
6 Nguyen Thi Tra Vinh Accountant
7 Nguyen Ngoc Hung Administration officer
8 Nguyen Huu Thang MEL specialist
9 Phung Thi Yen Local Gender Advisor
10 Tran Thi Dinh FS Specialist in Hanoi
11 Do Thi Thanh Huyen FS Specialist in Hochiminh
II Part time Position
12 Nguyen Thi Thao Senior FS specialist
13 Bui Thi Nga Agrifood business specialist
14 Nguyen Man Ha Anh Local FS policy specialist
III STCs Position
15 Đinh Thanh Phuong FS specialist focusing on regulatory and technical issues
16 Ninh Thi Len Food Safety Policy and regulatory Specialist
17 Nguyen Tien Hung Food Safety Legal Affair Specialist
18 Nguyen Thi Minh Tu Food safety undergraduate curriculum design
19 Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy Food safety curriculum, syllabus and content developer
20 Kha Chan Tuyen Food safety instructional system design specialist
21 Le Thi Phuong Thao FS laboratory specialist from MoH/NIFC
22 Do Thi Ngoc Huyen Specialists focusing on hazard identification in Hanoi
23 Le Thi Kim Oanh Local specialist focusing on crop production in Hanoi
24 Nguyen Tien Giap Local specialist focusing on livestock production in Hanoi
25 Hoang Phu Quyen National Food Safety GMP/HACCP Specilaist in Hanoi
26 To Lien Thu FS VietGAHP certification training specialist
27 Le Minh Hung FS specialist on HACCP Certification and HACCP training
28 Nguyen Duc Tung Agronomy specialist
29 Nguyen Dinh Truyen Food Safety specialist focus on GAP manual development Food Safety Specialist for livestock GBVC assessment in HCM
30 Trinh Hong Son Livestock production specialist
31 Le Ngoc Can Food Safety Specialist for crop/vegetable GBVC assessment in HCM
32 Le Duy Anh Kiet Food Safety Specialist for aquaculture GBVC assessment in HCM
33 Vien Kim Cuong Team Leader for Gender-based Value chain (GBVC) Assessment on Vegetables in HCM
34 Nguyen Van Thuan Government liaison officer
IV International consultant Position
1 Brian Bedard (Mr) Food Safety/Risk Assessment Specialist
2 Debra Rasmussen (Ms) Business Administration Specialist
3 Lawrence Goodridge (Mr) Food Safety Capacity Building and Laboratory Specialist
4 Rolf Schoenert (Mr) Regulation/Policy Specialist
5 John Duffill (Mr) Fruit/Vegetable VC Expert
6 Birgitta Ball International Food Safety Culture Specialist
7 Maria Corradini (Prof. U of Guelph) Food Safety Chemical Contaminants Specialist
8 Spencer Henson International Agri-food Trade Specialist
9 Amy Proulx FS specialist on HACCP content design for training TOT
10 Heather Gale Canada GAP Specialist
11 Todd Ruthman Food Safety Info System Specialist
12 Greg Paoli Food Safety Risk Assessment Training Advisor
13 Vesna Duricic Project coordinator